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Fall Semester / Open Enrollment

Fall Semester starts soon and we will have Open Enrollment on August 22nd and 29th. Tell your friends/family.

To get enrolled, just show up at Freedom Church at 6:30 on August 22nd / 29th and we’ll get you signed up.

Gear Order will be on Aug 29th as well so be thinking about what gear you might need.

T-Shirts, we are working on design currently and hope to have a draft soon.


Fight Night


This week is Fight Night at the Mission. We will leave Freedom Church at 6pm and caravan down to the John 3:16 Family and Youth Center on 2027 N Cincinnati Ave, Tulsa OK 74106

Because of the urban environment we will not hang out in the parking, we will walk in and walk out together as a group. Ladies/Children will be accompanied by an instructor if they need to go outside during class. We’ve never had an issue but we will always be vigilant as safety is a primary concern.

This will be a great class and a great learning experience for any students that have not been to a tournament or Fight Night before. It is a great chance to fight some new people, and try out your tricks in the ring on someone who has never seen them before. Be sure to bring all your gear and come ready to fight.

We should be back at Freedom Church by 9pm at the latest and those that caravan-ed and plan on driving straight home, please let your original guide know before we leave the Mission.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you all this Thursday,

Website is back up and up to date

Alright team, you’ll notice that a lot of the older content on the site currently is from 2013. No worries, I had taken a backup of the site when I shut it down back in 2015 but for whatever reason, and computer gremlins being what they are, it wouldn’t restore. I snagged the old 2013 backup I had and stood that back up. As to why the space, we moved everything to Facebook on a private group, which we still maintain but I found that a number of questions that this site used to answer have been coming in lately so I brought it back.

Enjoy and let me know if there is anything missing or out of date and I’ll try and get it up to date.


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Freedom Dojo

Welcome to the ABKA Freedom Dojo. We will post helpful information, links and calendar events. We may also have a photo gallery and some small instructional videos.