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Gear Order / Open Enrollment

Just want to remind everyone that we are making our gear order tonight. Please bring cash or check to pay for your purchase.

Tonight is also the final night of open enrollment for the Fall semester.


Website Migration Update

Migration now from the old backup in 2013 to now on a new server. I will have this site up shortly (hopefully before class starts this Thursday)

This week will be the first week of Fall 2017 semester and Orientation. Only new members or those interested in starting the class are required to go through orientation but there will be a normal class happening at the same time.

See you guys there.


Fight Night!!?!

Fight Night is this week.
John 3:16 Mission is hosting us and we will leave from the Freedom Dojo and caravan/carpool down to the mission. We are going to try something a little different this time, each person who has been/driven before will have 1 car to keep track of. This way if we miss a light or get separated, we don’t have to try and find everyone, just the one car you have following you. I will pass out my cell phone when we get to the lot and you can call me if you get lost.

We leave at 5:50 which is earlier than when we normally start class. Make sure you have your gear ready to roll and if you need to borrow gear get there a few minutes early.
We will get home around 9pm.

Reminder: no kids class this week. Make sure you are studying your memory verses.

Below is a map of the Mission and we park in the lot just to the north.

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and a link with Directions from Freedom


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Freedom Dojo

Welcome to the ABKA Freedom Dojo. We will post helpful information, links and calendar events. We may also have a photo gallery and some small instructional videos.