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Test coming soon!

As many of you know, the belt test is just around the corner. This week’s class will be Review, so bring any questions that you have to class so you can be ready for the test.

Next week is part 1 of the Test. If you are not at both Part 1 and Part 2 of the test, you will not be able to rank up, unless you made prior arrangements to take both parts of the test in a single week.

For the test:
Cost: $15 *This is due at Part 1, since that is the week we place the order for the belts and certificates.
If you want a Belt keychain then the price is $20.
Board breaking: white belts and children, we will have “breaker boards” available for you.
all other ranks: you will need the appropriate number of boards for your breaks: 12″ x 12″ x 1″ White Pine

Black Belt test dates

Attention Brown Belts. The Black Belt test dates have been set: Sept 14th for the Pre-Test and Sept 24th for the actual test at Hombu Dojo. I will post a Google Maps approximation closer to the date of.

Brown Belts need to attend at least 1 Black Belt test prior to going to their own. Since one of our class should be at this test, this is a good one to go to.


Spring Break (3/17)

Everyone enjoy the week off but don’t forget to be practicing!
We will see you next week for our last week of Kata and Core.

Fight Night (3/31)
I will be posting a map with directions to John 3:16 Mission. We will caravan there and back.

WOG Tournament (4/02)
Optional tournament if you are going to Nationals. However, you are required one tournament for each belt rank so if you can’t make it to Nationals, this is a good alternative.


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