No class March 18th

Reminder,  because of Spring Break there will not be any class this week.  Enjoy your time off.

Next week will a normal week. See you all then!


Mr Holzbauer stops by

This Thursday evening Denny Holzbauer will be with us in class. However, the plan has changed slightly due to
some unforeseen circumstances. Denny will be coming from OKC and will arrive around 6:45, and will be leaving
class shortly after he speaks to drive to Indianapolis in order to catch a 10:00 am flight to Haiti.
He will be doing missions work in Haiti.
We will remain flexible with our class to accommodate his coming to speak to us. However, for the most part,
the class will remain as usual. We’ll still start at 6:00, and end at the usual time.
I am very much looking forward to seeing all of you then.

Robert Hanneman


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