Fight Night is this week.
John 3:16 Mission is hosting us and we will leave from the Freedom Dojo and caravan/carpool down to the mission. We are going to try something a little different this time, each person who has been/driven before will have 1 car to keep track of. This way if we miss a light or get separated, we don’t have to try and find everyone, just the one car you have following you. I will pass out my cell phone when we get to the lot and you can call me if you get lost.

We leave at 5:50 which is earlier than when we normally start class. Make sure you have your gear ready to roll and if you need to borrow gear get there a few minutes early.
We will get home around 9pm.

Reminder: no kids class this week. Make sure you are studying your memory verses.

Below is a map of the Mission and we park in the lot just to the north.

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and a link with Directions from Freedom