Welcome to Freedom Dojo’s web site.  On this site you will find upcoming events, class schedule, information about class, etc.

The school is held at Freedom Church in Owasso OK.
and a map to the church.

How much:
Our dues are $10 per month, and all of the money goes to the ABKA (American Bushido-Kai Karate Association) for missions work. No instructors are paid with this money as all teaching is done on a volunteer basis.
Belt Tests: $15 per test (held at the end of each full semester and the money is for your certificate and belt. New this semester: We will provide wood, we will roll that into the price of your test. Note: this will increase the cost of some of the upper belt tests based on how many boards are required for your breaking demonstration.)
*Special classes sometimes have a cost associated with them. Most of these classes are voluntary but if you have a problem paying talk to one of the Black or Brown belts about your need. We do try and keep the cost as low as possible.

Our class runs parallel to the Owasso/Collinsville Public School System.
By this we mean that we have semesters, and breaks throughout. We usually start a week or so after public school does for each semester and wrap up our tests the week before they let out. We only accept new students during the Open Enrollment period of each semester. (normally this is the first 2-3 weeks) We also do a Summer course most years but this determination happens during the Spring semester and is subject to change. During the Summer semester there are no belt promotions as we tend to work a different, more applied curriculum.
Our current schedule is available on our Schedule page. Most semesters look similar to this.
*If the public school system lets out for snow, we will not be having class either.

What is a normal class structure: (recently updated for our new format)
Class unofficially starts at 6:20 so that students can come in early and get their laps run (7-12 at instructor’s discretion) and begin their stretching.
Kids class starts at 6:30pm and runs till ~7:45. The upper belts will all assist in instruction. Kids class will have warm-up, stretching, core work, drill and fighting (sparring) and will close with a class devotional.
The adult class will also have warm-up, stretching, core work, drill.
After that we split up into different ranks and go over each rank’s specific techniques, this may be replaced with sparring.
Around 8:00 we bring the groups back together for the end of class devotional and then dismiss the beginners class.
After a few minutes break we start the advanced class. (upper belts, those green belt and higher)
Advanced class varies week to week but includes a lot of sparring. Advanced class ends around 8:30pm though sometimes earlier to allow for some brown/black belt only instruction.

Kids class:
Any child from 2nd grade through 12 years old is eligible for our kids class. The ranking in kids class is a bit slower and more on the level that children can handle. A parent or guardian is required to be in the dojo while the student is present.

What is the ABKA “style” or Bushido Kai style:
Our roots come from the Kyokushin Karate, founded by Masutatsu Oyama, which finds part of it’s roots in the Shoto-kan system.
Bushido Kai karate is a hard body karate meaning that we train to be hard bodies, and we have more score-able regions than Tae kwon do and some other karate schools. We also mix in American Boxing, Jujitsu, and advanced self defense.

Kids Belts: white , white 1 yellow stripe, white – 2 yellow stripes, yellow, orange 1 white stripes, orange 2 white stripes, orange, green, blue, purple, 3rd brown, 2nd brown, 1st brown, 1st black (up through 10). [We recently started getting the kids stripped belts instead of just a tape stripe. We found the kids enjoyed this a lot more.

Adult Belts: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, 3rd brown, 2nd brown, 1st brown, 1st black (up through 10).

Sensei Hanneman runs our school and can be reached via email at freedomdojo@gmail.com

Freedom Church:
Phone: 918-272-1133

*This site is owned and maintained by members of the class and if you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave them here or bring them to class.*