End of Spring

Good Afternoon. (Copying this from FB, if you read that post, it’s the same info.) This is the last Thursday of the Spring semester. Adults, you should know everything there is to know to get to your next belt rank. If you don’t, make sure you let one of the instructors know Thursday night. This… Continue reading End of Spring


Just a quick reminder, no class this week. Happy Easter! For those in the Adult class or Kids class testing for full belt (no stripes) remember there is a requirement to participate in at least one tournament before your test. The next tournament will be on May 6th. Details soon.

Welcome Back

Hope everyone had a great Spring Break! We’re back in session this week. I also hope everyone has been practicing and doing their calisthenics. Can’t wait to see you all again this Thursday! -Justin

Spring 2023 Semester

Hello everyone! Hope you have all been enjoying this holiday season and have had a very Merry Christmas! You may have noticed we’ve posted our schedule for Spring. At this time, given the popularity of our Kids class, we are only opening to a few new students and working through our waiting list from the… Continue reading Spring 2023 Semester

Fall Break

Just a quick reminder, no class this week due to Fall Break. Please keep working out and practicing and have a great week off! -Justin

Open Enrollment Update

Hello everyone. Due to the amazing turnout at last night’s open enrollment, we are closing Open Enrollment for Kid’s class. Adult class is still accepting enrollments thru this coming Thursday. Thank you to all who showed up to Orientation. If I am missing a waiver from any of you, please make sure you sign one… Continue reading Open Enrollment Update

Schedule Updated

Please checkout the updated Schedule page for Fall Semester.

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Fall Semester 2022

We’re getting close to kicking off the Fall Semester for Freedom ABKA. Open enrollment will be on August 25th and September 1st. Further schedule details as we get them sorted out. We will be doing our normal gear order but haven’t picked our date for that, yet. -Justin