Spring 2024 Semester

Welcome back fight fans! The time is upon us to get back in the ring! We have made some changes to our schedule and I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of it.

First change: we’ve split the classes so that the Adult class and Kids class meet separately. We have analyzed our approach and believe this will help us provide more one on one instruction time and keep both classes flowing better. We’ll have 2 calendars now, one for the adult class and another for the kids. I’ll have the About us page updated to reflect this shift soon.

Important dates for each class:
Kids: Open Enrollment starts on Jan 9th, closes after Jan 16th’s class We will do a gear order on week two (Jan 16) We will have limited spots available for Kids class so if you are interested please contact us via email or FaceBook to reserve a spot for your child(ren)

Adults: Open Enrollment starts on Jan 11th, closes after Jan 18th’s class. We will do a gear order on week two as well (Jan 18th)

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