Last week for Open Enrollment

Hey all, we are having class today and it’s gear order night for the kids class. If you can’t make it tonight and need to order gear, you are welcome to come to Thursday night’s class and make your order. (for the rest of the announcements, Greg said it so well on FB, I’m just gonna copy/paste that here.

If you have friends or family who want to start a great workout and learn self-defense, this is the last week to join the Spring semester.

We need to cover a few announcements before we start this week.

  • Owasso schools were already out Tuesday (today) due to professional development day, and we are having class.
  • We will be doing a gear order this week for both classes. If you have anything you want from Century, please come see me tonight. If you are new, we will get you all squared away and get you all the gear you need. Please bring cash, check, or card.
  • Team gis are still not available through Century. We are in the process of setting up another wholesale account with a different vendor. I’m sorry, but we won’t have the team gis available to order this semester….again. Once we are set up and the process is complete, we will let you know, and we will put in a team gi order for everyone. I apologize.

That is all I have for now. If you have any questions, let me know. See you all sometime this week!

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