End of Spring

Good Afternoon. (Copying this from FB, if you read that post, it’s the same info.)

This is the last Thursday of the Spring semester. Adults, you should know everything there is to know to get to your next belt rank. If you don’t, make sure you let one of the instructors know Thursday night. This is your last chance.

Saturday will be your test. We are going to start at 8 am and it should last about 4 hours. We are going old school and getting your whole test done in one day, so make sure you are well-hydrated and ready to bring it all. We will also be promoting after the test. If you want to invite family members, they are more than welcome to come watch you.

If you had a child in the kid’s class and they missed out on promotion day, I still have their belts and certs so you are more than welcome to bring them in their gi to the promotion on Saturday. If you bring them between 1130 and noon, we should be close to being done with adult testing. Let me know if you plan on bringing them so that I know to lay out their stuff and so we won’t start without them.

Let me know if you have any questions. See you tomorrow evening.


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