Schedule Update

We’re going to extend the semester by 1 week and adjust our testing schedule to match. (blame the snow days)

So instead of:

5/5 Test
5/12 Test
5/19 Promotion and Party

We’ll do:
5/5 Normal Class / Review
5/12 Test
5/19 Test (Kids have the night off)
5/26 Promotion and Party

A couple of reminders as we approach testing:

  • We’ll need a list of everyone who is planning to test by end of class tomorrow.
  • Adult class, if you’re testing, there are board breaking requirements, be sure you know what those are for your belt rank before leaving tomorrow. (Kids class will be using breaker boards and we already have those on hand.)
  • Be sure you’re practicing your fitness as push-ups, sit-ups, sprints/stairs are a part of your test!


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