Snow Day

Hey fight fans, sad news for class tomorrow (2/3), since Owasso called a snow day, we will not be having class either. Please stay warm/safe and have some fun in the snow!

Slight Schedule Update

We have decided to move the Gear Order to January 20th (second Open Enrollment night) instead of the 27th in an effort to get the gear in earlier. -Justin

Reminder time

This week is Gear Order, do yourself a favor and take a peek at Century’s sizing guide. Also, for Adult class, Remember we’re memorizing Psalm’s 103 this semester in addition to your belt related verse memorization. Start now, trust me. -Justin

Final Open Enrollment/Orientation for Fall

This week is the final orientation/Open Enrollment for the Fall Semester! If you or someone you know has been considering Karatee, please join us this Thursday 6:30pm at Freedom Church for the final Open Enrollment for this semester!

Calendar Updates

Couple of changes to the schedule (before was a draft and now we’ve finalized it.) If you’d looked at the Schedule before today, changes are. We are moving the Gear Order to night 3 (9/9 was marked off, we are having class) On Test night 2, 12/9, we will do the Promotion. If we run… Continue reading Calendar Updates

Fall Semester 2021

Announcing Open Enrollment for the Fall Semester Aug 19th and 26th. Tell your friends! For more details about the class see the About page. Enrollment forms are only available in person. (It’s two short forms, takes maybe ten minutes to fill out. Our talk will start once we get class rolling so you’ll have time… Continue reading Fall Semester 2021

Relaunch of the site

Hello everyone. We’re relaunching the site this weekend. The old one had some issues and so I decided to launch fresh. You may notice the style and colors changing a bit over the next week or two. Don’t be alarmed, that is just me messing around with styling. I’d normally have this done before a… Continue reading Relaunch of the site