Fall Semester / Open Enrollment

Fall Semester starts soon and we will have Open Enrollment on August 22nd and 29th. Tell your friends/family.

To get enrolled, just show up at Freedom Church at 6:30 on August 22nd / 29th and we’ll get you signed up.

Gear Order will be on Aug 29th as well so be thinking about what gear you might need.

T-Shirts, we are working on design currently and hope to have a draft soon.


Schedule Change

No Class this week (Feb 14.) Keep your practice up so we don’t get rusty and we’ll see you on Feb 21st!


Spring 2019 Open Enrollment

Our start date for Spring 2019 semester is January 10th at 6:30.

Please wear workout clothes that you can move in and after a brief orientation, we’ll bring you into the class and start going over basics.

Gear order will be next week January 17th and this will be our second and last open enrollment date for the Spring semester.

Please invite your friends and come join our class.

Dues are $10/month and start up costs (for Gi and sparring gear are normally ~$80)

We look forward to seeing you in class.


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Freedom Dojo

Welcome to the ABKA Freedom Dojo. We will post helpful information, links and calendar events. We may also have a photo gallery and some small instructional videos.